Bettina Richards


Bettina Richards graduated from Tulane University with a BA in History in 1987. After graduating, she worked at Warner Elektra Atlantic Records in Sydney, Australia – working in the Artist and Repertoire (A&R) Department. In 1989 Bettina moved to New York and took a position as an A&R representative at Atlantic Records, where she signed the Lemonheads and Eleventh Dream Day. In 1990, Bettina took a position in the A&R department at London Records where she signed the Meat Puppets. In 1992, she left London Records to start her own label, Thrill Jockey Records. The label was set up as a 50% profit share with the artists, giving them full creative control. The New York Times wrote about the label’s business model, as did the artists David Byrne in his book Music. Thrill Jockey is known for an eclectic range of music from Jazz, Instrumental and Folk, African, new Metal, Electronic, Pop, and Modern Composition. Thrill Jockey has released over 600 LPs and has offices in Chicago and Berlin. Bettina also enjoys hiking and running and is a Northeast Harbor Fleet’s Environmental Committee member. Through her label she has raised money for the ACLU, The Howard Brown Health Center, Planned Parenthood, and The Ocean Clean Up project. She has 13-year-old twins, Helen and Francis.


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