Laughter Is Brightest In The Place Where Food Is

- Irish Proverb -

Our Mission

The mission of Open Table MDI is to inspire strong, loving and inclusive communities through the sharing of weekly meals. We provide a welcoming place, nourishing food, a listening ear, and acceptance to all regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity and expression, country of origin, social-economic status, faith background, marital status and family structure, mental and physical ability, immigration status or sexual orientation. 

Our Programs

A place where neighbors gather. A place where healthy, local food is prepared with care and love and is available to all who come. A place where people linger – reconnecting with old friends and discovering new ones they may never have met otherwise. A place where all people are treated with respect. This is a supper with Open Table MDI.  

Get Involved

Open Table MDI has multiple ways for community members to get involved with our program. From volunteering to donating to eating at the supper, it is our sincere hope that Open Table MDI provides a welcoming atmosphere for all members of our community – however they choose to engage with what we have to offer.


To support our weekly supper, there are many volunteer opportunities. Perhaps you’d like to help out in the kitchen with food preparation or lend a hand with meal serving or dishwashing. Many hands make the hard work of the supper flow smoothly.


If you are unable to find time to volunteer, monetary or in-kind donations are always a welcome way to get involved with our program. Open Table MDI is a grassroots, non-profit organization. As a 501(c)(3), all donations to Open Table MDI are tax-exempt.


One of the best and most important ways to get involved with Open Table MDI? Come enjoy a delicious and healthy meal with your fellow neighbors! Our meals are open to all, regardless of financial need. We hope to see you soon!