Support Our 2024 Spring/Summer Appeal

The carriage roads are open, seasonal neighbors have arrived, and we look towards the summer season with hope.
Our Tuesday community supper continues to serve 350-450 meals a week, providing a warm friendly gathering place for our Island community all year round. For those of you who have not stopped by our suppers, we hope you will join us for a meal soon. You can enjoy live music, delicious food, and camaraderie!
While dining, you may enjoy watching a preschooler hand a trivia card to a nearby adult to spark a fun interaction or be delighted in the conversations emerging between diners. Every meal is fueled by a team of volunteers, who prepare ingredients, package food for delivery, wash dishes, or serve a plate with a smile.
We are now collaborating with Island Connections to deliver meals to housebound community members, making the most of the volunteer power of both organizations. Open Table MDI works closely with local schools to provide community service experience and life skills. A recent meal was planned and served by a student from The Community School – showcasing both her culinary skills and leadership qualities, as the culmination of her 8th-grade capstone project. Her dedication nourished bodies and fostered a sense of unity and belonging among neighbors, leaving a lasting impact on the community.
While the start of 2024 has been full, we are also recognizing we must continue to build our resources, as Mahandeva Singh, Open Table MDI’s co-founder/Executive Director, will be going through chemotherapy and radiation this summer following a cancer diagnosis. As temporary staff and volunteers pick up elements of his work, we hope you can help us sustain and grow our food access work.
One exciting project we are working toward is an additional community supper on the Quietside As we finalize a location, a cook, and, of course, funding, we welcome your ideas and support. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.
As always, your financial contribution is what keeps the (oven) fires burning. Thank you for generously supporting your Island community neighbors!