Round the Rock 2020

We Reached Our $50,000 Goal!

Round the Rock was a fundraiser focused on food security, helping to support and raise awareness about the mission of Open Table MDI. In partnership with several other island organizations, Open Table MDI was recently awarded a $50,000 grant to help greatly expand our programming. Your amazing love and support helped to match this funding before, during, and after her swim. Thank you!

Learn More!

Are you just learning about the sport of unassisted solo marathon swimming (ultra-swimming) or want to help support Puranjot’s journey? Read more below!

What is a Marathon Swim?

The Spirit of Marathon Swimming – Marathon swimmers embrace the challenge of crossing wild, open bodies of water with minimal assistance beyond their own physical strength and mental fortitude. There are ways to make the sport easier, but marathon swimmers consciously eschew them.
Marathon swimmers take pride that their achievements can be meaningfully compared to the achievements of previous generations because the standard equipment of the sport has not changed significantly since 1875.
A marathon swim is defined as a nonstop open-water swim, undertaken according to standardized rules, and requiring at least several hours of sustained effort to complete. Ten kilometers without significant assistance from currents is the minimum distance considered to be a marathon swim. The swimmer remains in the water for the entire duration of the swim from start to finish without intentional physical contact with escort vessels, support personnel, or other objects (fixed or floating).

What Route Will This Swim Take?

To check out the projected swim route, click here!

Can I Come Watch?

Absolutely! Puranjot will be in the water for a LONG time and unlike many swim crossings, because this is a circumnavigation, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch sight of the swim from the cliffs and beaches of Mount Desert Island.
If you are not in the Mount Desert Island, Maine area, you can follow along right here!

Thank You To Our Sponsors!