Paula Moody


Paula is a long time resident of Mount Desert Island and a retired educator, having worked in public and independent schools. She has been interested food security for some time and has worked with local initiatives on this issue. Her participation in Open Table MDI grew out of these experiences, as well as an interest in opportunities that bring all kinds of people together. She enjoys helping to prepare the Tuesday meal, learning about more food, efficient cooking techniques and getting to know the volunteers. Paula also serves on the board of directors for the Bar Harbor Food Pantry. With her husband, Sam, she likes to travel to new places and in particular, those in South East Asia. She finds many ways to enjoy living on MDI; two favorites are salt-water swimming and cross-country skiing.


There seem to be forces at play that make it increasingly difficult for our year round community. Fewer people are able to live and work here on MDI and that makes it hard for folks to be involved in civic and community life. Open Table MDI strengthens our community in a way that includes everyone and is successful in providing a space and place for people to come together and find common ground. This is what is needed as a foundation to begin to solve the challenges we face.